Nusantara Food & Hotel Expo 2024

Nusantara Food & Hotel Expo 2024

Tap into Indonesia’s Finest Delicacies

Creating unforgettable experience through the finest showcases of Indonesia’s flavors while presenting artisan hospitality solution

7-11 August  2024
Organised by: Debindo Group
Nusantara Food & Hotel Expo 2024

7 – 11 August 2024 • Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City

Is designed to bring attendees into an enchanting Indonesian marketplace, where the vibrant spirit of Indonesia’s culinary world converges with the latest trends in hospitality supplies.

Our concept will be transformed into a captivating Indonesian marketplace, bustling with activity, colors, and the aroma of exquisite delicacies. Every aspect of the event will be carefully curated to evoke the spirit of Indonesia, creating an unforgettable and immersive experience that showcases the finest flavors of Indonesia while presenting cutting-edge hospitality solutions.

Placed in the Heart of Indonesia’s Fastest Growing Business Establishment

Located in the best Exhibition Center in South Tangerang, ICE BSD City is surrounded by the highest potential area with high number of Food and Beverage Business and Settling Hospitality Business.

12 Comprehensive Product Categories

In this spectacular showcase of Indonesia’s vibrant food and hospitality industry, we invite you to explore a delectable world of flavors and cutting-edge services. With twelve distinct product categories, this expo promises to be a feast for the senses and a gateway to the latest trends and innovations in the food and hotel sectors.

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The Organizer

Debindo Group is a leading exhibition organiser in Indonesia - the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Established since 1987, Debindo has an extensive portfolio of business events running in Indonesia and beyond.

Since its establishment, we has consistently put the highest priority on making its every event a premier business platform for the exhibitors, visitors, and supporting partners.

About The Event

We are thrilled to introduce the inaugural Nusantara Food and Hotel EXPO, a grand celebration of Indonesia's rich culinary heritage and the thriving hospitality industry. Set to take place in Juni 2024 at the prestigious ICE BSD City, this groundbreaking event promises to be a delightful amalgamation of business and experiential consumer experiences, featuring the Whole halls that will resonate with industry professionals and food & Hotel enthusiasts alike.
  • Exhibition
  • Skill
  • Showcase & Competitions
  • Local
  • Producer Market
  • Celebrity Chef
  • Dinners

Event Details

Placed in The Most Spacious Exhibition and Convention Center in Indonesia Located in the best Exhibition Center in South Tangerang, ICE BSD City is surrounded by the highest potential area for food business and lifestyles.

Event Name : Nusantara Food & Hotel Expo 2024 Location : Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City

Show Date : 7-11 August  2024
Organizer : PT Debindo Global Expo 
Expo Area : ±5.000sqm

ICE BSD Advantage

ICE is the largest exhibition and convention center in Indonesia with 10 exhibition halls total area 50,000 square meters, placed in the center BSD and center of daily commute track without regulations vehicle plate number.
In Conjunction with ICW & FFI

Highly Wide Range of Market

Incorporated with our other events, IndoBuildTech Expo & FOMBEX, NFH Expo presents a diverse market that complements one another. Additionally, our Free Entry Tickets are sure to attract a greater number of visitors.


Cooking Demonstrations
Renowned chefs and culinary experts will conduct live cooking demonstrations, offering insights into traditional cooking techniques, modern culinary trends, and innovative fusion cuisines.

Tasting Pavilions
Dedicated tasting pavilions will allow attendees to sample a wide array of traditional dishes, street food, snacks, and desserts

Collaboration with strategic partners to conduct friendly culinary competitions, such as "Best Regional Dish" or "Innovative Dessert Challenge," to showcase the talent and creativity of local Chefs/ Barista/Bartenders.

Celebrity Chef Dinners
We plan to invite renowned chefs to curate exclusive dining experiences, presenting their signature dishes and fusion creations.

Culinary Workshops

Conjunction Events
Indonesia Culinary Week will be the culinary showcase, where participants will present their signature dishes and culinary specialties.

Conjunction Events
A platform dedicated to showcasing the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the Food and Beverage franchising industry.

The primary objective of the F&B Franchise Expo is to bring together aspiring entrepreneurs and established FnB brands, creating a conducive environment for networking, partnerships, and business collaborations.

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Why Exhibit?

Great Surrounding Area
Association Engagement
Free Entry
Large Audiences
Networking & Business Growth
All in One Event

Let’s embark this remarkable journey through Indonesia's culinary wonders and hospitality excellence.


Mr. Surya Agung W.
PM & Exhibition Leader
Tel: +62 878 2131 1567

Mr. Dimas Ukasyah D.
Exhibition Consultant & Advisory
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Mr. Faisal Pontoh
Exhibition Consultant & Advisory
Tel: +62 816 1722 0153

Mr. Hans Kristian W.
Exhibition Consultant & Advisory
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Mr. Basilius A. Pinandito
Exhibition Marketing Comm.
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Ms. Vanessa Hans
Business Program
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Exhibition Operation
Tel: +62 878 4069 5450

Ms. Sakanti Sasri
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