From the importance of provenance to plant-powered options, here’s what we can expect to trend in the sweets & snacks industry in 2021. Join us 23-24 June for FHA Match: Sweets & Snacks to gain insights into the #sweetsandsnacks industry and learn more about current trends and challenges. You’ll alsoContinue Reading

Everyone loves a good snack – but did you know exactly how much? Learn how COVID-19 and work from home has impacted consumer snacking habits – for the better. Learn more about sweets and snacks at our content sessions during the upcoming FHA Match: Sweets & Snacks. The snack industryContinue Reading

We all talk about when things will return to how they were in 2019 after COVID-19 is long gone. Some are optimistic; others say there’s no going back. Both may be right in various aspects, but it’s important for hoteliers to understand is what will and what will not lastContinue Reading

In 2020, the lesson learned was that ethanol is the embodiment of “Essential Energy”. Ethanol produces the renewable fuel and delivers the nutritious feed that livestock and poultry producers rely upon. Ethanol proved essential for weathering the Covid. Recognising the critical need to combat the spread of the virus, manyContinue Reading

Can you tell us a little more about Bord Bia? Bord Bia, which translates to “Irish Food Board” is the Irish government agency responsible for the promotion and marketing of Irish food and drink.  My team work directly with Irish dairy, meat, seafood and beverage producers to help them findContinue Reading

We sit down with FHA Match: Dairy content session speakers Sonalie Figueiras, Founder & Editor-in-Chief (Green Queen Media), Katrin Friedrichs, Senior Dairy Market Analyst, IFCN Dairy Research Center, Akhil Eashwar Aiyar, Market Analyst, Insights & Innovation Innova Market Insights and Tim Hill, Key Accounts Director, GlobalData to learn more aboutContinue Reading

Beer suffered quite heavily during 2020, primarily due to its reliance on the on-premise. Beer markets in Italy, the UK and Colombia were amongst those particularly hard hit due to lockdown restrictions. Traditional inbound tourism hubs continue to hurt. Some brewers also faced legislative issues, notably full bans on theContinue Reading

Flavor Flavor and taste is still the most important factor for consumers when choosing food and beverages. Although consumers are moving towards better-for-you and healthier alternatives within their everyday diets, flavor still takes precedent. FMCG Gurus consumer insights show that over a third of consumers state that when deciding whatContinue Reading