Looking at the Japanese snack market, Japanese potato chips products are a highly active category. Every year in the Japanese market, a large number of highly creative, innovative and interesting products are launched, making it an important market that leads the world in potato chip product innovation. Compared to ChineseContinue Reading

At its core, customer experience is the lasting perception that customers have of your organization, as a result of every interaction they have had with your business. Customer experience, or CX, is a top priority for many small to medium-sized organizations as it is a key differentiator in today’s competitive business landscape.Continue Reading

From plant-based alternatives to lab-created dairy, here’s what we can expect from the dairy industry in 2021. Join us 19-20 May for FHA Match: Dairy to gain insights into the #dairy​ industry and learn more about current trends and challenges. You’ll also be able to connect with dairy suppliers andContinue Reading

Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing regions for coffee globally. According to Euromonitor International, retail sales of coffee in the six biggest Southeast Asian economies—Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam—reached USD6.5 billion in 2019, a 6% compound annual growth rate between 2014-2019, compared to a global averageContinue Reading

The first records of dairy consumption dates back to 6000BC – but did you know that humans weren’t even able to digest milk back then? Learn more about dairy and what its place is in a plant-based alternative hungry world. Learn more about everything dairy at our content sessions duringContinue Reading

Most Asian drinks brands sell the majority of their volumes domestically, where brand awareness is high and drinking cultures are long established. For example, IWSR data shows that approximately 97% of Japanese beer, wines, spirits and RTDs are consumed in the local market. When looking at just the premium-and-above priceContinue Reading

Introduction Across the globe, consumers are taking a more proactive approach in order to improve their overall health. This desire has been highlighted by the pandemic as consumers are now more concerned about issues such as immune health, digestive health, and their overall health and wellbeing. Over the past coupleContinue Reading

If you are measuring your marketing success today the same way you did last year, you are not providing the value that your external stakeholders and ownership expect and that your internal business partners, like sales and revenue strategy, deserve.  It is not enough anymore to measure how many guestContinue Reading